Her Invites – Part 4 (updated)

Done. Maybe. Probably’ll wake up tomorrow…uhm, which is technically today, and change something. Curls in the hair, extras to the shirt, hearts, added highlights to the background, along with dots splattered to the types base (Brush “Spacing” set to 315), and an outer glow placed on the middle character highlight the key differences from the last post.

Let me know if you see any value in having a low-res, .psd file of this project made available for downloading.

Here’s a low-res, .psd file w/ the font outlined and…well, basic Layers structure. This should open fine in all CS versions and maybe even PS v7. Not sure. Enjoy!

Chloe’s Invite 2008.psd” ( zipped .psd @ 1.8 MB )

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