Process Overview 2/4: Green Toy

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I came up with the above after being asked to create a “small, cute toy that looks like it could be found in a Discovery store.” A special thanks goes to Photoshop CS3’s new “Smart Object” feature for DOF situations like this. I’m now able to convert assets within scenes, such as the blurred figure in the background here, into “Smart Objects” allowing multiple adjustments without harming the original art. “Adjustment Layers” set to “Hue & Saturation” also play a major role, in conjunction with “Smart Objects,” when subtle color treatments are needed. Sure, “Photo Filter” is better in many ways. However “Hue & Saturation” can ease the revision process in ways “Photo Filter” can not. For example, the toy in this scenes was changed from purple to green at the client’s request. Did I have time to repaint it? Not exactly. So, an “Adjustment Layer” masked to the toy’s outline was added and the “Hue” slider took care of business. Note that this isn’t the best foundational approach. Repainting is the preferred method. But a deadline is a deadline and sometimes a zero footprint approach to effects is better than not delivering.

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