Process Overview 1/4: Maria

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Though extremely fun, a few recent projects required 4 all-nighters over the past week ‘n a half. I am, again, blogging on 2-hours of sleep. The above is a minor supporting image used within a concept GUI and part to a few elements I’ll post. Of the 141 exploratory sketches created 72 lead to full-color scenes. It was around this same time yesterday (11:00pm), when the remaining scene count was 14, I calculated the production pace required to complete the scenes by the 3:30 deadline today. With 15 – 20-minutes towards refining roughs and 30-minutes for coloring I would have approximately 3-hours of fat on the clock. But only if I worked non-stop. No emailing, no surfing, no phone calls. This also meant the 4:30am production speed would have to mirror the fresh, well-caffeinated 11:00pm pace. This, of course, isn’t realistic at all. Hence the 3-hours of wiggle room. Anyhow…I finished at 3:00. Only 30-minutes early and way, way, too close.

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