Cure to Color Shift within CS3

After upgrading hardware and software recently I ran into an old problem. It was a major color shift when exporting from Photoshop CS3’s “Save for Web…” feature. Now I recall solving this issue in CS2 but failed to remember the exact steps I took. As a result, I stopped processing photos and illustrations out of PS due to the unsatisfactory results. Although saving via the “Save as…” method, which preserves EXIF data in photos, didn’t produce a color shift. Which meant I could always fall back on that. But I’m not the kinda of person that falls back on work-arounds. -OhHEEELLnah. So have weeks, yes “weeks,” of intermittent research I learned more about “Color Profiles” than I wanted to -but didn’t solve the issue. Fast-forward to nosing around in the “Save for Web…” contextual menu and discovering this…

…and even better yet, I discovered this nice “Save for Web Color Shift…” post after the fact. Growl. Anyhow, luckily the “Convert to sRGB” option will remain deselected as opposed to having to deselect it during every export. If you’re wondering how to preserve certain settings in the “Save for Web…” window simply hold down the “Option” key (“Alt” on the PC) and the “Done” button will change to “Remember.” Obviously, selecting “Remember” is like bookmark your settings. So…now maybe I can actually get back to creating something for once. Like fine tuning a proper HDR process, integrating 3ds Max creations into stills, and/or building a respectable Action process for post-process fx’s.

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