Coffee Shop – Scenario #2


Here’s a scene from a recent storyboard project. This plus 13 companion scenes were completed along side several other projects inside of a 4-day period. A 13-hour time difference between the client and myself meant I actually lost a day. So their deadline of noon on Friday meant I had to have my act together by 11:00 pm EST. In the end I finished 2-hours early. -Which is ridiculous when normally I complete material only minutes before deadline. Though my production projections always aim for a completion time of 6+ before deadline it seems the universe jus’ won’t allow it. -Ever. This is due in part to the revisions, script changes, and/or scene improvements (suggested by either a client or myself) that wind up landing right up until the last minute. For this particular project, several others were already in the cue so I had to pull a 13-hour shift followed by two 19-hour shifts to complete everything. Not the best arrangement if you’re a fan of stable health…but still a lot of fun.

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