Chloe’s Art: “Cat & Rice”

(By: Chloe – Age 6)

Cat: “You’re boring rice.”
Rice: “I talked 2-minutes straight. Why are you staying I am boring?”

This is my daughter’s take on a situation where I told her she didn’t have to talk so much. “So much” meaning taking pauses only to drink or when in the bathroom. Whenever we have talks about etiquette I can always count on her relaying the message to her stuffed animals. “Okay, guys…” is how she begins “Stop leaving your jammies on the floor. Remember to put them away or dadda’s gonna get mad.” She’s learned to pause, in order to punctuate a point, and will even go so far as to threaten one of the animals with punishment. Not her favorite animal(s) of course. It’s always some drop-out animal that just happens to be on the fringe of the lecture that gets it. I liken this to the ensign in the original Star Trek series who foolishly wore red on an away mission. It doesn’t take a genius to know that that guy is going to get turned to beef jerky by some sort of death ray. Like that ensign, the stuffed animal bird resting on the pile of forgotten plastic food was an obvious target for the “Jammie Lecture.” He got a time-out at the bottom of a basket.

Here she is coloring the above piece in CS2…


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