Character Rough: Robbie

This is a character rough, and one of 8 characters, for a storyboard project I’m working on. Four of the eight characters required minor tweaks and then it was onto creating the scene roughs. There’s a total of 8 scene roughs. Due? Thursday [June 28] by EOD. That means between 9, or whenever I get approval, I’ll need to inked the scenes and color them digitally by 5. Yeah.

A few things I consider while building a rough for technology-related projects…

– Does the scene mesh with the copy deck?
– Will the camera angle tell the story without up-staging the other content?
– Can I color the scene based on the number of elements within it? A complex environment like, say, a crowded Asian market is not ideal when time is tight.
– Do the products within the scene clash with the client’s interest/client list? It would not be in my best interest to include vehicles, gadgets, buildings, etc. that give props to a competitor?
– Do the character’s attire, gesture, hairstyle, etc. fit the mood of the final audience?
– Will the characters offend the audience?
– Can any object in the scene be misconstrued as something sexual? No. Seriously. The right shape in the background and having it align with a character jus’ right and…well, the phone rings.
– Are the elements discussed in the copy apparent within the scene? This is tricky to achieve when dealing with over-the-shoulder shots and UI details.
– Will I have any friends once this project is done?

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