Clutch in the House

Recently purchased a LYRA, 2mm clutch pencil (6316) for $10 along with some 2B and 4B lead. I even had to dig up one of those one things…what do you call ’em?…-oh, lead sharpeners. Yeah. A lead sharpener. Complete with the lil’ cigarette filter-like tip cleaner. There’s a tool I haven’t touched in over 15 years.

For some reason, the LYRA’s design won’t take advantage of the tip guides on the sharpener. This is hardly an issue. But it’ll take practice guessing the proper lead length to expose before sharping. In terms of size, this pencil is much smaller and lighter than the rest I sampled. However, if you know a better brand please send a suggestion my way. I’m curious enough to purchase another.

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