Rapid Roughs

I recently set a record for myself. It was 12 rough storyboards in one day. The left portion of the scene above is indicative of the style delivered while the right half is the shading applied once the scene was approved. Production constraints, plus a scene count swelling to a total of 19 rather than 12, ultimately allotted each scene a maximum of 1 hour shading time. That’s not a lot of time to cut loose with the usual effects…but things worked out well. The best part, which I have yet to see, was the integration of product renderings from Alias into the scenes. Actually, this is the reason for the grayscale shading. My characters and their environments were played-down to allow the (color) product rendering to stand out. So, more often than not, I was informed of a devices size and simply drew a character with their hand positioned as if holding that device. Very, very fun -yet exhausted towards the end.

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