Selena’s Casting Call

The illustration above is what I call (in my head) a “Cast Image.” Sure, it’s basically a “Reference Sketch.” At least that’s what everyone else calls them. I call ’em “Cast Images” because I tend to imagine characters I draw as actors or actresses playing a role. Sound strange? It kinda is. I think it stems from the feedback I get. Or, more importantly, the specifics I get before drawing a character. “Give me a 30 year old, Asian male, hip, fit, 50k+ household, and with normal hair that’s not all colored crazy” matches the format of a typical character description. Age, ethnicity, personality, followed by income. See? Sounds like a casting call doesn’t it? I’m really into it whenever I present rough sketches and someone says “…she needs to look like she shops at Urban Outfitters,” or “…trim his beard down a bit and mess his hair more,” or “…make ’em look tired-out.” See? Make-Up and/or Wardrobe jobs.

Point being, I used this and other similar sketches to remind me of an approved look while working on a project. Since many, many hours pass between the creation of scenes it’s oh-so-easy to veer from an approved look. Especially when the character’s life-span, from copy interpretation to final color, is less than 12 hours. That leaves minutes rather than hours or days to experiment or play “character development.” The sketch above was created during a two hour window gifted to me while waiting for final copy. Coloring the final art was a snap later since skin, hair, and clothing values were defined in advance. I even worked in LAB mode just for kicks.

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