Dazed Art & Repless

Here’s a component from a current project. It’s vector. My usual heavy, black outline has been replaced with…well, what do you call it? Colored lines? Whatever the case, it’s tricky to pull that off in Illustrator when the image is all one piece. It’s would be cake if the elements were drawn separately and assembled like Colorforms© though.

…so far, shifting styles like this act as a guaranteed against me securing an Art Rep. While I’d love to have a “…single, focused style supported by 8-12 strong samples” I just can’t bring myself to do it. One style?!? That’s like…like, having just one style isn’t it? One style fits me like a pair of Sagebrush corduroy pants, fo’ real. -I’m like the kid who’s clawing at the collar of an itchy wool sweater, wanting to escape its hold, when I imagine practicing just one style. Unfortunately, a thick portion of my future hinges on this style issue. Until I exorcise these shady personalities and their artistic practices it looks like I’m going to remain repless. If “repless” is a word that is.

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