Amerasian Makeup

The original goal here was to create a color storyboard for a designer’s comp. Well, things got carried away. In a good way. Now there’s art instead of photography.

While the scene above isn’t complete, it does have an interesting development history. Colors were derived from the target Ameriasian market. The dress’s color is a compliment to a green used in the current campaign. Her skin is reflecting a lot of red from the environment so I used yellow down the center of her face and blue on her chest to offset this. Eye shadow? A muted version of the popular “Smoke effect.” Lips? Gloss only. Lastly, her hair is a base of 6 shades blended together to emphasive the presence of overhead lighting.

The final touch is what I call the “Aperture Look.” I have applied an effect to the art above that mimics a camera lense (50mm). Her nose, eyes, and portions of her hair will be in focus while the rest of the art slowly loses focus.

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