Allyson’s Set

Allyson” found work recently in a series of storyboards developed for a presentation to a global communications company. Take a peek at the process as well as research devoted to just one of those scenes…

After reviewing the copy this ultra rough sketch was created. The character’s suggested shopping habits and personality were coupled with descriptors like “It’s morning,” “tea is brewing” and “goes to her computer.”

Here’s a refined version of the above sketch after minor revisions.

An in-progress of the coloring stage…

…followed by the final. Only one aspect left. The set. Objects within, including colors and overall room design were based on rapid (yet thorough) research. Have a look…

  1. Loose interpretation of “The Piano” movie poster.
  2. My old G.E. television.
  3. Ikea’s Sekt plant pot.
  4. Bell’O 50″ TV Stand (available at Circuit City).
  5. Purple value that’s directly opposite of the wall color.
  6. Acme Made “The Designer Slim” bag.
  7. Windows derived from an apartment used in the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”
  8. Screen capture of U.I. developed by client.
  9. Apple iMac
  10. “Vika Amon” Workspace Table w/telescoping legs
  11. Ikea’s “Handklaver” Lamp Shade
  12. Allyson based on approved sketch.
  13. “Bonny” swivel chair. Red was chosen to draw the eye to the center of the scene.
  14. Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are” by Joseph LeDoux
  15. American Tradition’s paint color “Timid Absinthe”
  16. Loose interpretation of my own photography.
  17. The Art of the Incredibles” by Mark Cotta Vaz
  18. The Mind of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life” by Michael Gurian & Kathy Stevens
  19. A type of light I’ve always wanted in my place.
  20. Based on a fading memory I have of stairs within a Toronto restaurant I visited years ago.

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