“Make it look like…”

These sketches provide several examples. Clearly process and deliverable are shown, but as a whole they demonstrate how even a lukewarm understanding of software by a client can influence a project’s look. You’ll find a snippet of the requested look below each image shown. Essentially, application knowledge can be helpful. Especially in situations where an artist, or artists, capable of delivering multiple styles desire initial direction.

“Go for a concept look. Keep it loose…include layout instructions if you like.”

“Refine your pencil sketch…leave room for a color mockup (?)…”

“I’d like a vector look, like Illustrator, of your refined pencil sketch.”

“…a Painter-like mockup with the vector colors acting as inspiration.”

The goal was to draft a female character who exuded calm, lightly seasoned with an evil undercurrent, in an environment themed towards the “mystical.” The purple backdrop accomplished the mystical tone. It also avoided cliches such as sparkling dust, floating trails of potion gases or ominous silhouettes with glowing eyes. A subtle glow from behind the character’s head directs the viewers attention to center -and allows for a greater latitude of purple values. Plenty of calm can be found within that smooth skin. Reflections of warm orange and yellow suggest beautiful -only to have the red eyes shake that message. Red is a good agent for eliminating calm for a number of obvious reason. To keep the viewers attention center stage the decision to exclude the definition in the hair (strands, highlights, grouping of curls) was made during the penciling stage. Finally, the black against a lightly textured purple gives viewers only one place to look. Directly at the mysterious red eyes frames in a calm of warm ruddy skin.

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