Tip: Vector Art for Web Campaigns

A widely unknown, yet extremely cost effective, option available to those having original vector art created for Flash or web-based campaigns is to request that the art be created initially in CMYK. Request this same art be set aside, preserved, while a RGB version of the same art continues into production. Reason being, if you decide to incorporate your original art from a Flash or web-based campaign into print later you will need CMYK files to insure quality printing. Because Flash and other web-based application author in a RGB environment you can guarantee most of the original art you’re having created won’t be produced for CMYK. -Unless you request otherwise.

Now just imagine the difference in pulling CMYK art (requested in advance) and sending it to your designer versus contacting an artist to convert the same artwork from RGB to CMYK. Setting a CMYK standard in advance can easily save you plenty of production time. It also eliminates the costs of having the artist revisit the assignment. Most importantly, it makes you look even more prepared than James Bond.

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