Illustration style test: “Leslee at her desk”

The following is a “style test” which failed to be utilized in recent presentation. That aside, I felt it was worth sharing because it demonstrated how far I could bend my style.



So the above is the rough sketch which was placed in Illustrator…


…and here’s the results after drawing over the sketch and partying with gradients. So while I’m never asked to play in Illustrator it’s worth noting I can at least handle the pen tool. :)


Bane Bear


One of 14 pieces created recently for an art show at Pub 43 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Graphic Recording Bombing


Playing around one night and pretending to practice “graphic recording” on a stray sheet of paper.

“You were a phonograph…”


One of 14 pieces created recently for an art show at Pub 43 in Grand Rapids, MI. The copy is from Gregory Alan Isakov’s song “Big Black Car.”

Pulled Scene / “Research From Bed”


The above is 1 of 5 scenes pulled from a recent project. And unlike a typical scenario, where a scene is pulled at the rough stage, these scenes were pulled after coloring. So why were they pulled? Interesting enough, it had nothing to do with quality or content but instead the deliverable date. Due to a shift in the timeline it became imperative to shorten the overall deck (aka “presentation”). The results being this along with 5 other “establishing shots” being pulled. So sometimes pulled work is simply a matter of having a deliverable scaled back.

And special “thank you” to the team for allowing this scene to be shared here!

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